Castle at present

Following many years of efforts, various parts of both the castle and the mansion, featuring untraditionally conceived exhibitions in furnished interiors, were gradually opened to the public. Visitors are free either to learn more about the Middle Ages during the sightseeing tour in the castle, or to experience the atmosphere of the life of an aristocratic family in the late Renaissance period, as presented during the sightseeing tour in the mansion.

Since 2009, a new unguided sightseeing tour has been launched outside the castle, namely, the open-air museum presenting an ensemble of structures of vernacular architecture. All sightseeing tours are described in more detail in the section Tours.

Beyond the framework of standard tourist operations we also offer this castle as a wedding ceremony venue. Moreover, you can rent the castle or its rooms for social events, movie shooting, presentations, team-building events etc. In the former castle brewery, you can rent the indoor exhibition area of 400 m2. More information about these in the section Contact.

Each year, our usual offer is enhanced with a variety of exhibitions which are predominantly situated in the former brewery. Moreover, the castle hosts various cultural events, with many of them already becoming a tradition. The current schedule of cultural events is available in the section Events and News.

In virtue of the castle's originality, history and scenic surroundings, the whole site has increasingly and justly been admired by numerous domestic and foreign visitors. You will be friendly embraced by its century-old walls to rest there sunk in contemplation, abandoning all the sorrows that our everyday life tends to bring. And in addition to comprehending the transience of the human toil and grind, you may also realise the Eternity's dimensions woven into this day's span.